Joy, freedom and comfort in your own skin.

Creating thoughtful products that encourage ‘doing’


We are based in Brisbane Australia and create products centred around a little girl who finds joy in the moment and comfort in her own skin. She doesn’t have a name; we will leave that up to you. She has two good friends, Bear and Butterfly.


Jane Harbison’s background is accounting and commerce and only recently has taken to design. This little girl was created for her nieces for Christmas. She happily hangs about in the hallway of their home near Texas, Australia.


Since this special little girl came into existence, she has taken on a life of her own and so here we are, with a range of gifts for girls we hope you like.


Our thoughtful products use lots of white space to allow them to breath. Growing up in rural Australia inspires this need for space in Jane’s designs. Each of the colours we use have a meaning that is consistent with the personality of our little girl and her best friends.


When asked what we would like our legacy to be we would like people to pick up their much-hugged cushion or scribbled in notebook or frayed cookbook years down the track and reflect on how it made them feel. Our little character, who appears on most of our products, evokes joy, freedom and comfort in her own skin – maybe have a little bit of that rub off.


Throughout her career Jane has been and is currently, involved in a number of organisations associated with supporting girls and women.


Girls and women can significantly influence the wellbeing of all societies and we think they naturally do this collaboratively – establishing ground swells and momentum. This often requires resilience and an anything is possible attitude – this is where confidence resides.


Our big long-term picture is to be significant supporters of programs around the world that contribute to the wellbeing of girls and women. To do that effectively we need our thoughtful products and projects to be experienced everywhere.


Every time you purchase a Jane Harbison Design product it contributes to another opportunity for another future female change maker.


We value quiet confidence in young girls because this is where humility, resilience and an ‘anything is possible attitude’ resides.

Confidence we feel is gained, in large part, by ‘doing’ things.

Our way of facilitating this is by designing products & projects that encourage ‘doing’.

There are six key doing words we feel contribute to quiet confidence, and you will see them as themes in our Shop and our Blog.

Caring, Celebrating, Creating. Dreaming, Learning and Sharing

Feelings evoked by our little girl character

Freedom, joy in the moment and comfort in her own skin.


Every time you purchase a Jane Harbison Design product it contributes to another opportunity for a young future female change-maker. Joining us means you hear about these opportunities and you are part of sharing in the experiences.

JOINING US brings with it several benefits:

It is easy to join.

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Partners are such a valuable part of what we do and what we want to do. We can’t do it by ourselves, nor do we wish to.


Project – Cookbook

We started with a wonderfully collaborative approach to our Cookbook. We ran a competition for girls to participate in it’s content, we crowd funded its development and printing, we invited designers to create a cover and then we had our community vote on it. We then created a Profit Share program where girls under 15 years old could earn pocket money from the sale of the book – learning about money and sales, marketing and distribution.

We partnered with League of Extraordinary Women as part of their Run the World Conference because we both celebrate female entrepreneurialism and share in a desire to support young girls in becoming meaningful contributors to our world.

Project – Make my room Mine

We recognise that we do not have all the skills, so when I conceived of the idea to tap into girls happiness through interior design I approached award winning Virginia Bishop. This is a true partnership – everything is shared.

We have sought to partner with Huxter Home as a product partner for our workshops, bringing to life a number of our five senses we deem important in any room.

This is our approach with all our current and future products and projects. Our Products are found in our Shop and Projects are found in our Blog, under the Dreaming Big for Little Girls banner.


What we look for in a Partner

These are the sorts of things we look for in a lasting partnership:

Meaning of the colours we use


Red is energetic and vibrant


Green is fresh and vital


Black gives elegant strength


Pink is gentle and feminine


White evokes freedom


Natural is goodness