101 Gift Ideas To Make For Him

Ideas For 10 Of The Pivotal Occasions In His Life

10 Pivotal Occasions

The gift ideas are timeless and there is something for:

  • Those special newborns
  • Energetic boyhood years
  • Adventurous teenagers
  • Formals + Graduation
  • Birthdays
  • Housewarmings
  • Father's Day and more.

All the ideas can be made from fabric and will no doubt trigger even more for you.

Bonus: 12 Questions To Ask

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the options?

Not sure where to narrow your focus?

I have included 12 questions to put you at ease.

You are going to make something that he will love.

  • For His Bedroom

  • For His Formal

  • For His Sleeptime

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This List Is Full Of Inspiration

Everytime we make something for someone, another love story is created.

Thank you for creating another love story and bringing it into our world.

If you care to, share a picture with me or tag me in on it. Here is my Instagram account.

Every pattern on this page has been designed by Jane Harbison.

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