Everytime we make something for someone we create another love story.

We are on a mission to create 1 million love stories.

Have you often struggled to find thoughtful gifts for the special men in your life, big and small?

I certainly have and it is why I set out finding a solution. One that left a lasting impression.

My mother taught me to sew from a young age and I knows how it feels when someone who loves you makes you something.

About Jane Harbison sewing patterns for men

Jane Harbison

I love what I do but I haven't always designed sewing patterns and fabric for men. Although I have been sewing from a young age.

Have you ever spent much of your working career doing something that you know you shouldn't be doing?

For over 25 year I was an accountant but I didn't love it. At 40 I turned creative, which is where she should have always been. But back when I was at school I didn't understand how I could have a thriving career with it even when I had a headmistress encouraging me to do so.

For 10 years I taught tween and teen girls a creative process so they could solve any problem that came their way, with originality and calm.

Now it is my turn to be creative.

I live with two of my favourite boys, my husband and my son. I have been fortunate to grow up with wonderful male role models.

I looks forward to getting to know who yours are.

I created this useful resource for you "Fabric, Needle and Thread Reference Guide" for when you are not sure what sewing machine needle and thread to use with the fabric type you have.

Fabric Needle Thread Reference Guide