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Fabric Satin Furoshiki Paisley Root Orange Fat Quarter

15 Ideas To Make Him With Satin

Do you want to make something a little more luxurious for him. This list not only provides ideas but useful links on how to look after and sew with Satin.

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How To Sew A Pointy Mitred Corner

It might not be how you think. I sew a small cotton Pocket Square to demonstrate.

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10 Character Traits Of Someone Who Loves To Sew

These are a good reminder why we keep going when we get stuck on that tricky collar or zip.

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Wrap It With Love

6 x unique wrapping papers to download and wrap your latest sewing project in.

Each design is A3 size, which can be easily resized for A4. Also A5 and A6 for cards.

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Furoshiki Square Pattern

Wrap your gift in fabric using this traditional Japanese method.

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