Go from Hoping to Knowing which fabric will suit him!

Know exactly who that piece of fabric in your stash will suit!

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Steps To Success

You will be taken through each of these steps. With practice you will learn to do this process in seconds.

Be confident buying fabric

  • No more piles of fabric not knowing who they suit.
  • No more being stuck knowing which fabric to buy for him.
  • No more hours of trolling through fabric store isles for inspiration - you will know exactly what you are looking for.
  • Be confident when buying fabric online.

You spend so much time making special garments for him, you want him to look really good in it.

You want it to make him smile.

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  • Colour type grid for buying fabric for warm and cool undertones

    Colour Types And Which Is Yours

  • Your Best Colours Based On Your Colour Type

  • Which Scale and Pattern Types Work For Your Body Shape

About Jane Harbison sewing patterns for men

This Guide Is A Handy One

How good does it feel when someone says, "Oh I like that, where did you get it?"

"My wife made it," he replies.

Everytime we make something for someone, another love story is created. I want it to be one he loves to wear, because it suits him.

There is enormous pride in seeing him grab it from the hanger everytime he heads out.

Thank you for creating another love story and bringing it into our world.

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