Best Fabrics To Make A Men's Mid Thigh Short

Best Fabrics To Make A Men's Mid Thigh Short

Ever wondered, "If I make him a pair of shorts, what should I make it out of? I want him to wear them!"

Men of all ages like to be comfortable in their clothes. It is one of their top priorities after "Does this suit me?"

You invest so much time and effort in crafting a garment, envisioning it as a staple in his wardrobe. You want him to like wearing it.

Life is to short to gift the ordinary, so here are a list of fabrics and their corresponding occasions (popular with boys and men) because you know what he likes doing best. 


How long will the Mid Thigh Short take to make?

A mid thigh short is a quick and simple garment to make. I have put together a schedule to get it made in three days (or less) which you can find in your hub when you buy the pattern. This is possible even if you work during the day.

A mid thigh short is a fashionable staple. A great addition to a minimalist wardrobe because it can go so many places. It is also a garment that works for all ages and therefore makes the perfect gift.


Where can he wear his short when it is made?

Not sure how much use he will get out of his pair of shorts?

It depends on the fabric you use.

Different occasions call for different fabrics.

I have put together a short list of occasions he can wear this style of short and the fabric to use to suit the occasion.

Here are six suitable occasions to wear a mid-thigh short: 

  1. Swimming (Beach or Pool) 
  2. Outdoor Work / Camping / Fishing
  3. Gardening
  4. Casual Lounging
  5. Sleeping
  6. BBQ Lunch / Weekend Getaway



    What fabric to make his shorts out of?

    Tailoring the fabric of his shorts to the occasion is key to ensuring both style and functionality.


    Swimming (Beach or Pool)

    Opt for a men's short made of Quick-Dry Nylon / Polyester Mesh. It is good for swim shorts because it dries quickly and is comfortable for all-day wear.

    For a casual day out or a walk to the shops, you can wear a cotton twill bucket hat. It is comfortable and breathable, perfect for a relaxed look. Put a little medium to thick interfacing in the brim to help hold it’s shape so it doesn’t flop over your eyes.


    Outdoor Work / Camping / Fishing

    A few occasions thrown together here but they all require something durable yet light and quick drying. That is why a Nylon Micro Ripstop can be a good fabric to use here.



    If you want a medium weight fabric for outdoor gardening than mentioned above, a Cotton Twill would suit this purpose.


    Casual Lounging 

    After a hard day's work, relaxing in front of the TV with the kids requires something soft and comfortable. A Cotton Jersey or a French Jersey fits the bill.



    Getting a good night's sleep is good for the brain and body. Sleeping in a fabric that is soft on the skin is ideal. Depending on the time of the year one of these fabrics will work nicely Flannel, Bamboo or Cotton Poplin. If you want to do a more luxurious boxer try silk or satin.


    BBQ Lunch / Weekend Getaway

    Opt for a short made of 100% Cotton. It is a classic and looks smart.



    In Summary


    Suitable Fabric

    Swimming Beach / Pool

    Quick-Dry Nylon / Polyester Mesh

    Work / Outdoor / Camping

    Nylon Micro Ripstop


    Cotton Twill

    Casual Lounging

    Cotton Jersey / French Terry


    Flannel / Bamboo / Cotton Poplin / Silk / Satin

    BBQ Lunch / Weekend Getaway



    Which Needle Type and Size do I use with these? 

    Not sure which sewing machine needle type, needle size and thread type to use with your fabric here is a useful Reference Guide for you.

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