3 Tips for choosing the right sewing pattern

How To Choose The Right Sewing Pattern

There are three key questions to answer that will make you feel confident about choosing the right sewing pattern for your next project.


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What Problem Are You Solving?

To be confident in choosing the right sewing pattern for him we need to start with the problem.

When we focus on solving the problem the likelihood of our effort being well received, becomes high.

Our sewing efforts will be worthwhile rather than wasted.

We will feel proud of what we have made because it will be exactly what he needs.

To help us solve this, we need to ask ourselves a question.

For example:

Do you have an event he wants to feel comfortable at like a BBQ?

Do you have a special occasion that requires a sewing pattern that is unique and formal. Maybe something made of Satin?

Do you need a sewing pattern that he is going to wear to work?

Who are you making it for?

Understand the personality of the person we are sewing for. Think about three words you would use to describe him and use those in choosing a style of pattern.

Then try googling those words + sewing pattern for men.

For example

"casual fun comfortable + sewing pattern for men"

About Jane Harbison sewing patterns for men

How proud do I want to feel?

This directly correlates to how much effort we want to put into our sewing project. The amount of effort will impact the type of sewing pattern that is right for the occasion.

What happens when we don't answer these questions?

The consequence of not taking the time to answer these questions is sewing him something that he doesn't like and he won't wear.

It just isn't right that we go to all that effort to make him something only to feel unappreciated.

What happens when we do answer these questions?

But as sewers, we are a resilient bunch and we love a challenge. We are excellent problem solvers and this time when we make something they are going to love it.

This time is different because you are thinking it through in a renewed way.

This time it is going to be fun and you will feel super proud of yourself because you nail it!

He is going to love it. 

To choose the right sewing pattern do these three things

1. Answer "What problem am I trying to solve?"

2. Be clear about "Who am I sewing it for?"

3. How proud do I want to feel?

When you have those three questions answered you can then set about choosing a great pattern with the perfect fabric that will make him smile.