What Fathers Really Want For Father's Day

What Fathers Really Want For Father's Day

It may come as no surprise that not all Fathers want us to race to the shops to buy them something.


Survey Results for 2024

This is a perennial survey, meaning we are always collecting responses to this question. But we only report on this once a year.

As Father's Day falls on different dates for different countries around the world, we have chosen the middle of the year - June to release the data.

In order to make the qualitative results relevant to our daily lives beyond Father's Day we overlaid the responses with Gary Chapman's "5 Love Languages." 

I believe that every time we make something for someone, regardless of what form it takes, another love story is created. It is for this reason that the act of sewing something for someone taps into every love language.

So instead of racing to the shops to buy him something let's race to the shops to make him something. I make some recommendations as to what those could be based around what Dads want to do most on their special day of celebration.


What Fathers Really Want For Father's Day

Inside you will find:

  • What is Father's Day
  • Purpose of the survey
  • Methodology
  • Key findings
  • The Value you get from feeling loved
  • Ideas to gift him

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What is his Love Language?

What if you have no idea what his love language is.

There are two ways to find out.

1. Get him to complete the questionnaire on the Love Languages website.

Now that might not be his kind of thing, so there is a second option.

2. Observe how he likes to celebrate you and others he lives around him. This is a sign of how he lIke’s to be celebrated.

For example I have a friend who every time she comes over for dinner she brings a gift. It’s not a gift she picked up on the way at the corner store or bottle shop. It is hand picked from her garden. This for me tells me she likes gifts, but it is very closely followed by Acts of services - she has grown them and gifted them.

Me heading over to her house with a hand made Bucket hat for her to wear in the garden or a hand made tea towel to use to cook the food she has grown would tickle her pink.

Or a friend saying something seemingly effortless like, “Wow I am amazed at what you have created here. I love it. You are so creative.” is all that is needed to light them up. A sign that Words are enough and even better when said often.

When you start looking for them they are easy to spot and relationships bloom.

How to contribute to the survey

If you would like to contribute to the survey results, go for it. I would love to have your thoughts included.


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