Father's Day Craft Ideas From Kids

5 Father's Day Craft Gifts From Kids

Heartfelt Father's Day gifts that your kids can make with their own hands and a small piece of fabric. Thoughtful, simple and timeless these 5 Father's Day Craft Gifts from Kids is here to inspire. With these innovative ideas, your children can craft meaningful presents for dad without the need for a sewing machine, and all within just a couple of hours!
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How It Feels When We Make Something

When we make something for someone, we make them feel loved.

There are many reasons that feeling loved is good for you, but these are five that endure. Needless to say, your kids making one of these ideas for Father's Day, or something else triggered by these ideas is certainly going to be a winner.

Cotton Canvas

5 Craft Ideas For Father's Day From Kids

None of these require a sewing machine and only two require a needle and thread.

  1. Fabric Bunting Strips
  2. Frayed Edge Placemat
  3. Heart Shaped Shoe Stuffers
  4. Heart shaped coaster
  5. Furoshiki wrap - download the free pattern template and wrap your box of Father's Day Cookies in it.

1. Fabric Bunting

Use this to decorate his tray for breakfast in bed, the table for lunch or the window for dinner.

Fabric Requirements:
1 x Fat Quarter Cotton or Linen Fabric makes 14 strips (option: decorate calico fabric with fabric markers before cutting)

Cut 4cm strips the length of the Fat Quarter with a rotary cutter and board.

Fold in half and loop around twine, ribbon or string. Trim to desired length if necessary. You can fray the ends for extra effect.

Fabric Linen Plaid orange placemat

2. Frayed Edge Placemat

Fabric Requirement:

1 x Fat Quarter Linen or Linen Cotton Canvas makes one.

  1. Cut 420mm x 320mm
  2. Fray each short end or around all sides up to 2cm.
  3. Optional: Hand stitch a straight stitch 5mm from inside edge of fray with embroidery thread. Alternatively stitch his initials in the corner.

3. Heart Shaped Shoe Stuffers

There are plenty of heart templates downloadable online, but I like the idea of the kids drawing one and using that as the template. Scale the drawing up if you need to.

Fabric Requirements:

  • 4 x swatches of cotton, linen, fleece, felt or wool fabric
  • filler
  • embroidery needle and thread
  1. Cut 4 x heart shapes from your fabric. The size will depend on the size of the shoe.
  2. Place wrong sides together
  3. With embroidery needle and thread blanket stitch around the edge leaving a 4cm gap on one of the straight sides (don't tie off yet).
  4. Stuff with filler until your heart is plump and firmish.
  5. Continue to stitch to close the gap.
  6. The top of the heart should peak out from his shoe when inserted as a daily reminder.

4. Heart shaped coaster

Fabric Requirements:

  • 2 x swatches of felt
  • Wadding
  • 1 x embroidery needle and thread
  1. Cut 2 - 11cm x 11cm square out of fabric.
  2. Use the squares to shape your two hearts.
  3. Cut 1 x wadding 10cm x 10cm using the fabric heart as a template. It is for insulation if the coaster is used for a hot drink.
  4. Sandwich the wadding in the centre in between the wrong sides of the two fabric hearts.
  5. Straight stitch 1 cm in from edge or 1cm blanket stitch around the edge with embroidery thread.
  6. Do another round of straight stitch 5mm in. Repeat every 5mm until you get to the centre. This will hold the wadding in place.
Satin Furoshiki Fabric set x 6 pieces perfect for occasions such as birthdays, graduations, house warmings, weddings, anniversaries and Father's Days by the Fat Quarter, Swatch and metre

5. Wrap His Gift - Furoshiki Style

Fabric Requirements:

  • Download the Free Furoshiki template (A4 or A3) to cut a traditional Furoshiki sized wrap.
  • Use the fabric to wrap those homemade box of biscuits or sweets
  • And if you haven't had time to make your Dad something, wrapping it in fabric you have designed is a lovely way to personalise it.

Buy 1/2 metre calico and decorate it:

  1. Paint leaves and press it into the fabric
  2. Cut potatoes into fun shapes, paint them and press them onto the fabric
  3. Use the sponges in the kitchen, dip them into paint and press them onto the fabric
  4. Sew something into your fabric
  5. Glue something onto your fabric
  6. Use fabric markers
  7. Or a combination of all of the above.

In Summary

Kids can make these for Father's Day in under 2 hours with a fat quarter of fabric and no sewing machine:

  • Bunting With Strips Of Fabric 
  • Frayed Edge Placemat
  • Heart Shaped Shoe Stuffers
  • Heart Shaped Coaster
  • Furoshiki Fabric Wrap

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