How To Accessorise a men's Camp Collar Shirt

How To Accessorise Your Men's Camp Collar Shirt

The Camp Collar Shirt sewing pattern is a wardrobe essential, but what does he wear with it? Here are a list of timeless accessories and where to get them.


Wondering how to accessorise your Camp Collar Shirt?

In the realm of fashion, the Camp Collar Shirt has emerged as a timeless classic, bridging the gap between casual comfort and sophisticated style. Yet, mastering the art of accessorising this versatile piece can transform your look from laid-back to effortlessly dapper. (dapper – great word)
I have curated the ultimate accessories guide for you.
Delve into the art of pairing accessories that harmonise nicely with your favourite shirt, allowing you to exude quiet confidence and sophistication.
Here we go, starting from the top…


One of my favourite places to shop for a men's hat is Brixton. I used to live not far from there when I lived in London at Clapham Junction. But you don't have to travel to London to buy one of these. If they aren't stocked in your local clothing shop then you can get them onliine. 
I have chosen a straw hat because it lets the air flow on those hot days. The Camp Collar shirt is ideal for those Summer months.

These are three looks that work:

1.     Messer Natural Straw Fedora

This is a medium brimmed smart casual hat that will protect a little from the sun.

2.     Reno Tan Straw Hat

A little edgier with its broader brim, the Reno is great protection from the summer sun.

3.     Rio Straw Hat

Similar to the Messer, the Rio has a hint of formality about it and I think tips its brim to an older gentleman. 

If a straw hat is not your thing

Then this could be a more relaxed, fun alternative:

Verloop Bucket Hat

Let loose with a Verloop Bucket Hat. They have some bright knitted bucket hats for men. Like the Squiggle Knit Bucket Hat or the Checkerboard Patchwork Bucket Hat. And they have a nice mission for sustainability to go with it.


Another perfect accessory for the Camp Collar Shirt is a pair of sunglasses.

Besides being super good for protecting your retina, sunglasses make a daytime outfit complete.

I like round glasses at the moment. They go on most face shapes except Round and Triangle ones.

If you aren’t sure which are the best sunglasses for your shaped face Just Sunnies (Australia) give a great summary.

1. Maui Jim - Round

Whenever a pair of Maui Jim’s get bent or broken in our house, we have been able to return them easily to get fixed. Believe me these get thrown around and left in all sorts of places and they still seem to be able to stand the treatment.



Moving on down to the arms.

Rule of thumb for watches:

Casual outfit + dress watch
Dressy outfit + sports watch
Sounds counterintuitive? Try it. Even GQ agrees.

1. Citizen Mechanical Men's 42mm Stainless Steel Automatic (Wallace Bishop)

Dad was a farmer grazier. He wore a watch every day. One of those watches was a classic, no fuss reliable Citizen and it is why it is on this list.

FUN FACT - Wallace Bishop have been making, repairing, and selling affordable jewellery and popular brand accessories since 1917. They are an Australian family run business and I happen to live on a block which was once part of Wallace Bishop’s dairy farm. I live on a street named after one of his prize dairy cows.

2. BREITLING Classic AVI Chronograph 42 Tribute To Vought F4U Corsair

If you are after a piece to treat yourself for a special occasion or an achievement, Breitling create some forever timepieces. My husband bought one many years ago and it still looks good. It has an air of strength and quiet confidence about it.

3. PANERAI - Lumnoir

I am a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan.

Ever since my son made me watch the movie “Moana” a million times. He nails the speaking and singing voice of Maui.

One of my favourite TV series ever is “Young Rock.” If you haven’t watched it do yourself a favour. It is funny yet serious, self-deprecating, well written, acted and edited. This masterpiece follows Johnson’s younger years. Made to look like Hawaii, it was shot down the road at Coolangatta, Gold Coast!

I digress, back to watches…

The Rock likes a good watch and one of his favourites is Panerai. So if you have aspirations, go nuts for one of these.

They will go beautifully with your handcrafted Camp Collar Shirt.



While we are hanging around the wrist, I just have one recommendation for men’s jewellery.
1. Janset Bilgin's Ney Men’s Bracelet 

I have chosen a simple, affordable one for you, but there are many very nice handcrafted options to choose from.

If you are wearing just one, it can sit snuggly alongside your sports watch. If you wear more than one bracelet, you decide whether they are best to sing alone or alongside your other accessories.



Oroton is synonymous with craftsmanship and clean lines. Founded in Sydney in 1938, they are an Australian fashion icon that evokes a casual, modern, practical style. They make luxury accessible to us all.
So, shout your mates a drink from one of their classic wallets.



Finally, something for your feet when wearing your Camp Collar Shirt.
1. Venroy - Canvas Strap Sandal
I can’t go past Venroy’s Canvas Strap Sandal. It even serves as inspiration for several of our pattern fashion illustrations.
Another Australian fashion success story, Venroy was founded by Sean Venturi on Bondi Beach in 2010. It epitomises freedom. 



If you have taken all this on board and put it all on, from Hat to Shoes then I want you to stop before you walk out the door.

As Coco Chanel is famously said to have quoted, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one accessory off.”

Still not quite sure - here are 5 tips for how best to wear your Camp Collar Shirt.

Now you are ready to go!

Look yourself in the mirror. Give yourself a smile.

Go and enjoy yourself. You look great.



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