where to wear a bucket hat and the fabric to make it out of

What Fabric To Make A Men's Bucket Hat

Ever wondered, "If I craft a Bucket Hat, where could he wear it? I want it to see plenty of daylight."

Living in a sunny region, I do reflect, will a Reversible Bucket Hat serve you well, too?

You invest so much time and effort in crafting a garment, envisioning it as a staple in his wardrobe. You want him to wear it.

That feeling when you spot it in the laundry pile or see him reaching for it as he heads out - it's a quiet source of pride. Ensuring your hat evokes the same sentiment is important.


How long will the hat take to make?

A Reversible Bucket Hat is a quick garment to make. I have put together a schedule to get it made in three days (or less). This is possible even if you work during the day.

A Bucket Hat is very versatile. You are not going to waste your time putting this together. It is a garment that works for all ages and many occasions and it makes the perfect gift.


Where can he wear his Bucket Hat when it is made?

Not sure how much use he will get out of his Bucket Hat?

I have put together a list of occasions he can wear the fabulous hat you have made him and the fabric to use to suit the occasion.

Here are ten suitable occasions to wear a bucket hat: 

  1. Casual Outing
  2. Beach Day
  3. Sporting Event
  4. Music Festival
  5. Hiking and Camping
  6. Urban Streetwear
  7. Gardening
  8. Travelling
  9. Picnics and Outdoor Lunches
  10. Fishing


    What fabric to make his Bucket Hat out of?

    Tailoring the fabric of his bucket hat to the occasion is key to ensuring both style and functionality.


    Casual Outing

    For a casual day out or a walk to the shops, you can wear a cotton twill bucket hat. It is comfortable and breathable, perfect for a relaxed look. Put a little medium to thick interfacing in the brim to help hold it’s shape so it doesn’t flop over your eyes.


    Beach Day

    Opt for a bucket hat made of terry towelling. This way it can double as a mini towel and keep the sun off. Overall, a towelling fabric bucket hat combines practicality, comfort, and style, making it a popular choice for leisure activities in the sun.


    Sporting Event

    A polyester or performance fabric bucket hat would be appropriate for sporting events. These materials offer moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable.


    Music Festival

    Whether you are a Taylor Swift fan or an all-weekend music festival goer, choose a bucket hat made of cotton canvas or cotton denim or corduroy for music festivals. These sturdy fabrics can withstand the outdoor elements and provide a trendy, laid-back vibe.

    Denim inspiration 


    Hiking or Camping

    Nylon or ripstop fabric bucket hats are suitable for hiking or camping trips. They are durable, water-resistant, and can easily pack into your backpack when not in use.


    Urban Streetwear

    A bucket hat in faux leather or suede or wool/wool felt can complement urban streetwear outfits. These fabrics add a touch of edge and sophistication to your look. Use the right needle and thread when sewing with these materials. If you aren’t sure which ones, I have created this handy Reference Guide.



    Choose a men’s bucket hat made of cotton canvas or a blend of cotton and polyester for gardening. These fabrics offer protection from the sun while allowing your head to breathe.



    A packable bucket hat made of synthetic nylon or polyester is good for traveling as it is quick drying. It can be folded or rolled up to save space in your luggage and quickly regain its shape when needed. For a natural fibre choose a cotton twill as it will fold easily although will look a little crushed. Cotton is naturally breathable. A cotton polyester blend could give the best of both worlds although it will crush more.


    Picnics and Outdoor Lunches

    Picture a long table in the garden. A mid (200-300gsm) to heavy (300-340gsm) weight linen bucket hat would be perfect. The mid weight will be a floppier version and require interfacing. The heavy weight will have a sharp stiff shape to it.

    Mix it up a little with one side linen and the other cotton. Plain natural colours make for a more sophisticated look. These natural fabrics are lightweight and breathable, keeping you comfortable and looking good during al fresco dining. 

    Linen inspiration



    Choose a bucket hat made of nylon or polyester with a wide brim for fishing trips. Our Bucket Hat pattern is designed with a wide brim and deep crown to protect you from the sun. When buying you fabric look for features like UPF protection and moisture-wicking properties to stay protected and comfortable all day long.

    And of course, put lots of sunscreen on to protect from the sun’s rays that bounce off the water.


    In Summary


    Suitable Fabric

    Casual Outing

    Cotton Twill

    Beach Day

    Terry Towelling

    Sporting Events

    Polyester or Performance Fabric

    Music Festivals

    Canvas or Denim or Corduroy

    Hiking or Camping

    Nylon or Ripstop Fabric

    Urban Streetwear

    Faux Leather or Suede or Wool/Wool Felt


    Canvas or Cotton/Polyester Blend


    Packable Nylon or Polyester

    Picnics or Outdoor Lunches

    Mid to Heavy Weight Linen (200 - 340gsm)


    Nylon or Polyester


    Download Reference Guide 

    Click the link to download a handy Reference Guide of the table above for inspiration - Fabrics to make your Reversible Bucket Hat with and the occasions that suit.


    Not sure which sewing machine needle size, needle type and thread to use with your fabric here is a useful Reference Guide for you.

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